Sunshine Week

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will any charity representatives visit our school?

Visits to participating schools can only be on a first come first served basis. We are unable to provide representatives to every school involved in Sunshine Week.

Will the money we raise be spent specifically in our local area?

Funds raised by Sunshine Week will be spent on children and families who require our services across the whole of UK as and when they are needed.

Will my school receive a thank you after the event?

All participating schools, groups, other organisations, families and individuals will receive a thank you letter and certificate from The Variety Club once we have received your monies return form and donation.

My school has raised our funds - how do we send them to you?

Firstly thank you for fundraising!
Now you have raised and counted up your funds, please download and complete the Sunshine Week monies return form, including all of your details and send this in with your cheque, to:

Sunshine Week Team
Variety Club Children’s Charity
93 Bayham Street

I want to take part in Sunshine Week but I’m not at a school - is this possible?

Of course you can. We welcome the support of anyone - whether you wish to take part as an individual, a family, church or faith group, nursery, University, company, supermarket, post office - whoever you are and whatever you do, we would love to welcome you on board.

It is only schools who need to officially register in order to access the teaching materials. There are general resources available for anyone to download to support fundraising activities. Please let us know what you get up to - we would love to hear your Sunshine Week stories!

Can our school run our Sunshine Day on a different date if we are busy?

Of course you can!
You’ve been kind enough to support us and we don’t want to turn away anyone’s support. Please hold your event when it suits you if our dates are not feasible in your school but let us know the dates you have chosen as we would still love to hear about your fundraising activities.

What if I cannot donate the suggested £1 to take part in Sunshine Day?

Don’t worry - please only donate what you can. Every penny raised is appreciated and we would love your support in whichever was you can give it.

How will the money my schools raises be used?

Donations received by participating in Sunshine week and day will be used to help improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK. We do this by raising funds for specialist Sunshine Coaches, wheelchairs, sports equipment, hospital wards and all sorts of other practical solutions that enable individuals, projects and organisations across the UK to give a wider range of opportunities to the children in their care.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount we have to raise?

No. There is no minimum or maximum amount to raise. Every penny raised is appreciated and will be used to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK. You can raise money in whichever way you wish during Sunshine Week. There are plenty of ideas to inspire you in our A-Z so please check it out. For any event you put on for Sunshine Day, we suggest a recommended donation of £1 from every participating child.

How can I register for Sunshine Week?

Please register online by clicking on the “Register Today” button on the homepage. If you have any problems, please call Frankie on 020 7428 8100 for assistance.

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