Sunshine Week

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Fundraising A-Z

Stuck for fundraising ideas? Don't worry, we've got loads! Have a look through our list below. If you've got ideas that aren't in our list, please tell us about them!

  • a
    • Afternoon Tea Stall

      Bake brightly iced sunshine cakes and cookies and invite in the parents for an AFTERNOON Tea during Sunshine Week

  • b
    • Birthday Party

      Celebrating a birthday during Sunshine Week? aim to make it the social norm for people to donate to charity when they have a special occasion to celebrate.

      For more ideas of how to raise money for charity through throwing a party, check out

  • c
    • Copper Coin Challenge

      CHALLENGE your children to COLLECT as many COPPER COINS as they can!  Then get them to make a giant COPPER COIN sunshine in the playground!

  • d
    • Dressing up or down

      Hold a DRESS UP OR DOWN DAY and get your children to DRESS in any way they like.  They could DRESS UP on Sunshine Day to compliment their sunnies.  However they do it, do it with Variety!  Charge a small fee to enter (or charge a fee to those that come in uniform!)

  • e
    • E-mail

      E-Mail your friends, colleagues, teachers at other schools and spread the word.  Tell as many people as you can about Sunshine Week and Day!

  • f
    • Face Painting

      Paint faces on Sunshine Day – the brighter and sunnier, the better!  Finish of the look with some spectacular sunnies!

  • g
    • Games

      Twista, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit – kids bring in games from home…pay to enter!

  • h
    • Happy Hair Day

      How any HAPPY HAIR styles can you come up with?  Challenge your children to do come up with as many hair styles as possible

  • i
    • Internet

      One of the easiest ways to collect sponsorship is online. Set up a page of your own at Search for the Variety Club Children’s Charity and select Sunshine Week as your event

  • j
    • Jumble Sale

      Organise a sunshine JUMBLE SALE

  • k
    • Karaoke

      Sing your hearts out with a KARAOKE day or evening.  Why not choose sunshine or yellow-themed songs like ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘You are my Sunshine’?

  • l
    • Lucky Dip

      Hold a raffle or LUCKY DIP

  • m
    • Match child to baby photo competition!

      Your children bring in photos of themselves as babies – charge teachers and children a small fee to play MATCH the child to baby photo

  • n
    • Nearly New Sale

      Be more selective than a jumble sale and sell stuff that’s in good nick.

  • o
    • Olympics

      Hold your own indoor OLYMPICS in the gym or assembly hall - all contestants make a donation to enter.

  • p
    • Penalty Shoot-out competition

      Find a prize for the winner and ask people to make a donation to enter.

  • q
    • Quiz

      Hold a sunshine quiz (as many questions as you can find about sunshine) – find out who’s the class or group mastermind

  • r
    • Race

      Have a fancy dress sunshine RACE around the playground, organise a sunshine RELAY RACE to raise money

  • s
    • Sunshine Birthday Party

      Is it your birthday during Sunshine Week? Throw a wonderful party through Timto and donate to Sunshine Week too.

      Check out for more information

  • t
    • Teddy Bear’s Sunshine Picnic

      Ask for friends, family and class mates to make a donation to come along. Maybe you can publicise it through your school….don’t forget your teddy bear!!

  • u
    • Use your network!

      Use your network of friends and family to help with ideas and activities…every little helps.

  • v
    • Variety Show

      Can your dog dance the tango? Can you sing? Put on a Variety Show in aid of Sunshine week and Variety Club Children’s Charity.

  • w
    • Walk

      WALK in aid of the Variety Club. Choose your distance and get your friends and family to sponsor you for your achievement

  • x
    • Xtra Coins!

      Any XTRA coins you find lying around at home (ask mum and dad first!), gather them together in a little pot and count them towards your school or group’s Sunshine Week fundraising total!

  • y
    • Yellow Day

      In celebration of Sunshine Week, get all of your friends as school to wear something yellow for the day and pay £1 each (or as much as they can afford) to take part.

  • z
    • Zest & Zeal

      Absolutely essential if you’re going to make the best of your fundraising. You are making a difference to children’s lives….be proud of what you’re doing!!

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