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What we do

What we do

The Variety Club Children’s Charity is dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people who need our help. We do this by raising funds for specialist Sunshine coaches, wheelchairs, sports equipment, hospital wards, and all sorts of other practical solutions that enable individuals, projects and organisations across the UK to give a wider range of opportunities to the children in their care.

Case studies

Beis Chinurch School

Beis Chinurch School caters for 700 disadvantaged children aged 0-16 with a variety of physical disabilities. They need a lift for their disabled pupils to access classrooms. At present they are unable to access the extra curriculum area of the school, the library or the remedial room. They have raised the majority of the money but need help from The Variety Club for the final payment.

Eliot - Special car seat

Eliot has Leighs Disease, which effects the movement of his body.  He has a tracheotomy and is unable to breathe for himself. He needs a special car seat that takes the strain out of getting him in and out of the car and enables him to go on more trips with his family.

West Lea School - Sunshine Coach

West Lea School caters for 107 children aged 4-19 with a wide range of medical and communication requirements.  Many of the pupils are on the autistic spectrum and all have forms of learning difficulties.  20 of the children are either wheelchair users or require frames to walk.  The Sunshine Coach that they require will be used on a daily basis to take the children on educational and recreational activities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

William - Colt Trike

William has Cerebral Palsy. His condition means that he is unable to stand and walk without support and he doesn’t have any reflex or balance. He has a wheelchair which he is learning to move himself although this is slow and laborious.
William is a very bright and intelligent 5 year old who has just started in a mainstream primary school, but because William is so bright he is well aware of how his disability limits him and this is very frustrating for him.

The tricycle funded by The Variety Club Children’s Charity is an excellent way for William to strengthen his legs which will improve his standing and walking.

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